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Pick a photographer you can be yourself around. Try not to get caught up in too much of the hype and sales intimidation. of the larger studios. I wear all the hats myself and you only ever speark with one person, me. I'll help you plan it out without thinking or planing it to death, let it be. I’m a rural and urban, zen chameleon but I cherish, and specialize in, candid, fashion-flair wedding and portrait photography based on my experience shooting countless pro-level weddings, parties, events and fashion shoots in Toronto, Canada, ranging from the natural and real "decisive moment" photojournalistic capture in candids to a glamorous, portrait, or editorial approach.

I'm creating a style that might be called earthy, bohemian, holistic even, with boutique albums, and frames made of barn-board and colour-matched stressed wood that complete that style.
I pride myself in being able to maintain the portrait photographer's ability to reveal the essence of my subject, at an event, party or wedding. Meet with me to discuss the photography and you are guaranteed great photos of your unique day that are warm, personal and refined.

"Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera" —Karsh
Bridal Fashion PortraitBridal Rolls Royce Editorial LookBeth Emeth Synagogue Reception Jewish DanceBridal Dress Bare Back VeilWedding Couple in field on Family Estate