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for the creative modern bride 

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Congratulations and thank you so much for considering my services. This entire page is at if I emailed this to you. 

Don’t settle for technically correct photos with no life in them, or even worse, photos that are lifeless and flawed or missing as well. 

It’s important to know what my product and service is before I give out pricing, which I do at the end of this description. My business is aiming for the high-end fashion-flair market but priced in the middle-market  range; my first album package being $2400 as opposed to $5000 like the more established brands, but the photography and service is very similar or possible even better.

Each photographer’s work is unique because of the countless decisions they make. I always collaborate with the clients and tailor it to their likes and their temperament. I also keep my prices down by offering director-cut albums, customer-based online prints and product ordering instead of in-person sales, so there is no up-selling that your yourself do not want. 

What is a boutique? Are you a style-conscious modern bride who loves to look at magazines, Instagram and pose for photos? To draw a comparison, McDonalds and French restaurants both serve food and they are not the same quality or service nor are they priced the same, so price really isn’t a useful comparison. I realize that you are looking within your budget but remember that you cannot redo wedding photos.

Get a cheaper album or booklet if you must but do get the photography right. Simply choose a great photographer who collaborates and answers questions. In the grand scheme it is not a fortune but it is the only part of the wedding that lasts. You don’t want someone to cut back on their quality to lower their price. 

1 FUN—instead of lining the bridal party up in a straight line or making them leap in the air, some clients would much rather hit a pub or cafe and do a fashion lifestyle type of photo shoot

2  FASHION—I have fashion in my portfolio & many brides love magazine-style editorial photos. Photojournalists do not do this, they only hope for the best. I guarantee it. I do not over pose and waste time, I prefer to put you in a location and let it happen with some direction. I do pose the first formals for mom. I spice it up for the young couple as in contemporary glamourized fashion

3 PHOTOJOURNALISM—I am empathically attuned to the emotions I capture through my lens. Many photographers merely document the event but do not love to capture human emotion 

4 RETOUCHING—former graphic designer at Sposa wedding magazine. I shoot maximum-size RAW for pro editing. “Shoot and burn” non-album photographers that shoot in JPG cannot edit photos.  

5 DESIGN—I am a graphic designer and study Ghionis and Yervant who are master album designers 

6 HANDMADE ITALIAN GRAPHISTUDIO ALBUMS & TOP PRINTS & FRAMES—also used by Ghionis and Yervant; for boutique sample books, frames and products 

7 TOP GEAR—top Canon zooms, primes, lights, stands and modifiers. Portable studio w/ 6x9 backdrop if necessary 

8 ASSISTANT—vital for reflector fill lighting, carrying, holding lights during first dance, “sunset” shots done w/ speedlite and more 

9 YOU CHOOSE PRINT PRICE POINT—economize online or splurge on pro retouching from the top U.S. lab

10 MIDDLE MARKET PRICES FOR HIGH-END BOUTIQUE—I get my education from the best in the business and use their techniques every week and now is the best time to book me. Many are charging double and my rates are going up very soon due to new investments 

11 COLLABORATION/ HIGH-TOUCH SERVICE—I talk, listen and educate so that you know what photography and pricing entails and so you will be very happy with what you get. Some like fashion, some want more family photos, some are shy and need a bit of assurance; it’s easier to discuss while looking at albums or you can show me Pinterest photos etc. and I will walk you through posing quickly and painlessly 

12 GREAT REVIEWS—ten great reviews on Wedding Wire. People tend to trust referrals but come and look through and feel actual wedding albums, since you will likely end up with something better. 

13 NO HIDDEN FEES OR TAX!—I don’t give you a low estimate and then hit you will an invoice that you weren’t expecting. Sign up early and do monthly payments


15 ACCOUNTABILITY—As a Wedding Wire user I make sure my clients are happy so that I keep my five-star rating in the reviews

Heirloom Collection

12 Hours Tommy Ray and 2nd Photographer
Deluxe, , 30-page, 12x12” Gobook/Box
Pro-edited, High-res, USB stick/Boutique Box
Private Online Gallery/Shopping Cart
Digital Album Slide Show with Music
Venue acclimation meeting
Pre/post meetings Engagement Session
20-pg. 8x8” book
Two 6x6”, 30-page, parent album books
See “All Packages Include“ below

Custom Collection

10 Hours Tommy Ray and Assistant
20-page, layflat, 10x10” Graphi Gobook
Pro-edited, High-res, w/ USB stick
Private Online Gallery/Shopping Cart
Digital Album Slide Show with Music
Venue acclimation meeting 
Pre/post meetings
Gift registry for larger album
See “All Packages Include“
$2,969 ($2200 w/booklet)

Economy Collection

8 Hours Tommy Ray
20-page, layflat, 10x10” Graphi Gobook
Pro-edited, High-res, w/ USB stick
Private Online Gallery/Shopping Cart
Digital Album Slide Show with Music
Pre-wedding casual meeting only
Gift registry for larger album
plus see “All Packages Include“
$2428 ($1657 w/booklet)  

Engagement Session

$499/$399 w/ Wedding Package: one-hour session & 20-page, 5x5” order-yourself booklet.
20-page, handmade Italian, 8x8” E. Album (includes Digital Files) is $428 extra
You may also order a Signature Portrait in the online gallery


Selected Add Ons:

Framed Prints from the Top Labs: Imported, Aged-Wood, Barnwood, Maple Wood & Canvases, Proofs, Minibook, Wallets.
Two, 30pg., 6x6”, Parent Albums—$459, Additional hours—$150
Spreads—$53, 2nd Photographer—$500; Assistant—$200; Trash-the-Dress Session—same as E. Session

Please contact me for a detailed custom quote or a breakdown of the wedding and engagement collections offered. Prices subject to change without notice.  

All Wedding Packages Include:  

• Tommy Ray as photographer

• layouts created by veteran wedding magazine layout artist

• digital files—High & Low Res (social media size) Images on USB Drive

• digital photo sharing App for sharing among friends and family

• backup, editing

• pre-wedding casual meeting

• post-wedding consultation (except with Economy wedding)

• unlimited captures

• private online photo gallery for print ordering & easy viewing by friends and family 
(I guarantee one year of hosting)

• Venue Acclimation Meeting if necessary (possible meeting location?) (except Economy)

• limited number of weddings per year

• product idea reference books from our Top-of-the-industry American Custom Photo Lab

• Album Gift Registry

• Canon 5DIII or IV and top glass, 4 radio-controlled Canon 600 speedlites w/ umbrella, softbox and high-power batter packs, backup cameras. (Camera with two cards slots for instant backup to second card. This is a must at a wedding!)

More prices and info are at
Message us any questions and do not hesitate to call 416-417-4148. Thank you!

I'm very excited to meet you and so excited to customize your unique collection!! 
It's important to lock in your Wedding date as soon as possible.
Call or text me at 416-417-4148, or email me at to find out if your date is available.
I'm happy to host a Free Consult To Customize Your Collection, secure your retainer and Book your date! 

I offer:
Premium Engagements or 45 min
Bridal Boudoirs
Day of Coverage
Wedding Albums
Trash the Dress
A retainer is due to Book your date and a contract will be completed.

A premium offering, the E. Session, once booked, will be added to my calendar and we'll work together to stylize your unique engagement session. We don't count images or poses, but rather enjoy a sunset creative session together. All of your corrected images will be ready for purchase within 14 days from our session. 
I cannot wait to see the gown you have chosen to wear on the most important day of your life!! These images will be kept under lock & key until your Wedding day and only shared with you on a private gallery. All of your edited images will be delivered via an online gallery within 14 days from our session. I collaborate with a beauty bar if an uptown location works for you. 
Bridal Boudoirs/Engagement Boudoirs:
Boudoir Sessions make for an exceptionally tasteful and romantic gesture & gift for your fiance; or, feel free to turn your E. Session into a boudoir style shoot as well. I offer Boudoir Albums, too. Location rental is extra. 


Generally speaking it typically goes something like this.
Though it is important to me to create a Wedding Portrait Collection uniquely for you, most wedding days go something like this....I will arrive 60 minutes before your Ceremony to capture the details and decor. All of those darling details such as your centrepieces, floral arrangements, custom made signs, bouquets, wedding rings, your gown, shoes, personal heirlooms, and just about anything on display for your big day. 
Dressing The Bride & First Looks:
It's so very important to me to work with you to create and capture the magical day YOU have been dreaming of your entire life.  I will work closely with you to ensure the ambience and company within our bridal chamber are just right as we capture the "formal and the fun" behind the dressing room doors of both the bride and groom.
The Ceremony:
We shoot with Full Frame gear and are prepared and skilled for EVERY lighting situation. We will always strive to capture your day in our style in the most artistic and genuine fashion possible. We're insured and will ensure your venue can have all of our insurance information in advance.


Formal Portraits are sought after and important portraits of your day. These typically go as follows: 
The Bride & Groom
The Bride with her Bridesmaids and the Groom with his Groomsmen
The Wedding Party "Formal & FUN"
The Bride and Groom with her family and then his family
I will always request a Family Formals list from you and I'm happy to make suggestions
We typically have just under an hour to capture these VERY IMPORTANT images and send you off to your Reception so it's important to work together to bring your vision to life.

The Reception:

I'm fairly certain I have just as much fun as the family at my receptions! I love to get into the mix and capture the moment!! I'll always work with your DJ or Coordinator and work with them to ensure your moments are magical! Every wedding is unique and NO two brides are alike so this is exciting for me too! Though I love to capture your family and friends, most of the focus is on the bride and groom.


I will edit all of your images and post a 'sneak peek' within 48 hours after your Wedding. From there, I will deliver your entire Digital Gallery via an amazing online Slideshow/Gallery within 30 days of your Wedding date. I encourage you to share your gallery so that your friends and family may download their images and share in the love!  

Designer/ Director Cut Wedding Albums:

As the former graphic designer at Sposa wedding magazine, and as the photographer you entrust with your photography and album, I present you with a completed album as sides/spreads online, not in person, which keeps the time, delivery time and cost down and the artistry at the highest level; but, if you like you may go through hundreds or thousands of photos yourself and save your list of favourites in your personal gallery from which I will design and present your finished spreads for approval.

If you like, you may add on any extra spread I design or make some image replacement requests. Once prepared, my lab will receive the order and begin processing it. Our Graphistudio Wedding Albums are fully customizable and our Finao albums offer many sample materials. Lab processing time varies. My custom wedding albums will allow you to relive and cherish all of the most memorable moments of your Wedding day! 
I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Tommy Ray