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Information about Tommy Ray Photography Products and Services

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We have suggestions for any budget, including boutique. Play, be, aspire.

Our photography boutique can deliver many advantages to clients: 

•    a photographer who values his craft delivers the best results. As you see in my wedding, fashion and event work, rather than having being totally straight-edge, I tell your unique story with my unique artistry. I shoot photojournalisticaly, but add a party and event feeling to it too by playing with the couple and bridal party and by having candid fun around town as opposed to lining everyone up in a row like in the old days. At times I am part of the entertainment, and a very reserved photographic approach, although I can offer that, results in a different experience and final look. This is why artistry is important to the style-conscious modern bride. 

•    I EDIT IN PHOTOSHOP & LIGHTROOM personally, based on my time as a wedding magazine designer, since the prints and album are a significant part of my artistic work. Do not assume that the quotes you have seen include capturing in full-size RAW format and editing in RAW and editing or layout skill!! You cannot compare me to the cheaper guy who does not create an artistic final product. It took me a lifetime to learn this. My prices are still affordable because I mainly offer digital ordering online instead of in-person sales right now, which is a lot more convenient anyway and you choose your own price list and price point!

•    the top online inspiration guide for your home for every session or for special occasions; wedding album samples with countless custom options

•    High-touch, personalized service. I help my less computer-savvy clients and have a wide product range, samples and inspiration guides from America’s top boutique print company which also has amazing antiqued wood frames. I keep up with birthdays and special times of the year. 

•    Top camera, lenses, software, calibrated Adobe RGB monitor, archival papers, frames, pro editing, B&W conversions 

•    I accept credit cards & payment plans and offer album gift registry

•    The same top, hand-made, Italian albums used by Ghionis and Yervant

•    The reliability and accountability of having both a pro client-management platform and the Wedding Wire review system w/ ten great reviews. Member of the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. INSURED.  

•    Our location portrait sessions can be done tethered to a Retina display

•    I collaborate with two hair, makeup, fashion stylists with salons in Uptown Toronto and Brampton

•    I am not cutting any of your services to compete with fly-by-night, discount, big box or part-time shooters, but rather, offer high-quality, long-term, personalized service and products that last. My price list tells all and there are no unwelcome surprises, nor will you have to regret choosing a company priced so low that they won’t have any time for you, loose all of the footage or spoil every shot

Why Style & Business Model Comes First When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Most couples begin by asking what our packages cost, but before that information can mean anything to you, it is important to realize that companies follow one of two vastly different business models which are tied to their photographic style, which I will explain. Also, bear in mind that saving money through low introductory pricing does not mean a lower total cost in the end. Beware that some bargain-basement companies have lost or ruined all of the footage, while our top, weather-sealed, titanium cameras contain dual memory cards that back up to the second card, on-the-fly, should anything happen to one of the cards.

My last cautionary note is to advise you that ending up with a disk and photo gallery online is cheaper than an album package but it leaves out the important role of presentation, which I know about because I was the graphic designer at Sposa wedding magazine. Brides want more than a CD in a drawer. Photography is the only thing from the wedding that will last, so plan to invest enough of the overall wedding budget on quality photography.

The most sought-after style today is one where, instead of hundreds of forced, generic shots, the photographer, instead, creates, documents and tells a story, almost in an editorial fashion, with a combination of real moments and, at appropriate times, voyeuristic, fashion-flair, mildly-directed candids that artistically capture the uniqueness of each client.

Our price includes the corrected, high-res digital files which the companies with lower introductory fees hang on to and sell to you later at a profit. Our Portrait Journalism, non-album or album packages allow us to shoot in a more photojournalistic style and post to a gallery as opposed to focusing on just getting the money shots that the family would order as prints at a post-wedding sales meeting and it allows us to shoot more photos and more creatively.

We prefer to do family and group photos in a more candid and intimate setting, if possible, with the aim of shooting more for an album story, or slide show, instead of static prints through after sales. It’s a different business model and end result than the traditional approach and, as I said, it is the most sought-after style today because it treats the photographers more as creative artists, doing what they do best, charging artist fees at their level of accomplishment, free to respond to the moment or be creative without undo emphasis on shot lists, table shots and a cookie cutter approach. 


Our Zen

I create portraits and wedding photos that stem from my attitude of mindfulness, enjoyment of the moment and enthusiasm; I guess you could call it Zen. I bring the best energy possible to a wedding or shoot in the belief that play is key.

Wedding Photography veterans have learned that couples should put the emphasis on enjoying their special day and not get too stressed, obsessive or perfectionist to a counter-productive degree. Take a few conscious breaths to get your mind out of the overactive thinking and worrying and into the present. A few stretches and shaking it all out beforehand is ok. I’ve taken my portrait work up a notch by studying the top New York head shot master, don’t let the unfamiliar direction concern you; you’ll look on the tethered larger screen and see great results, full of life and expression regardless of your initial comfort level. Don’t settle for a technically correct photo with no life in it!



The first step is to visit this Pricing Link for an overview of our packages and then visit our web site Info page link for more detailed information. Our wedding packages start at $1657 with a small booklet and go all the way up to our boutique Heirloom Collection with hand-made, Italian, Graphistudio albums that offer further, optional, high-end upgrades. Prices for canvases are lower for wedding clients. (Prices subject to change without notice.) 

On-location Portrait Session:

$45, $1/minute Special includes: 45 minute session, 60-80 minutes image processing and up to 30 minutes driving; 8x10” prints are either $19 or $39 with additional editing and quality control. No minimum order, no obligation to buy. All prints over 8x10" include a digital file for the internet. Mileage over 30 minutes is $25/hour extra and an extra 30 minutes of shooting is $39. 


A) This list contains both the top-quality, professional Toronto Lab and the biggest professional supplier in the U.S., with the widest range of products. Includes manual colour correction, editing, quality control and processing. Duty may apply but saves you the cost and time of in-person sales. 

Price list “A” does not currently offer packages but these are the top products available online

B) This American printer is also professional level. Choose this option for speed and lower cost. Does not come with additional editing or quality control. Colour correction is done by an operator using a machine. Duty may apply but saves you the cost and time of in-person sales. 
List B offers PACKAGES! 
BRONZE PACKAGE $199 + Session fee (currently $45/45 minutes) or order A la Carte with no minimum order

4 8x10"s on backing board ready for framing

6 5x7"

6 4x5"

16 Wallet-size

 Save more with each higher package. Please contact

C) Top American Boutique Printer/Framer—see our physical samples, sample books and make a custom order. For out most discerning client or clients who prefer not to use computers to make their orders. Physical 4x6" proofs are available. 
No high-pressure sales meeting, simply order what you want off of the gallery and we gladly offer to walk you through it and, of course, if you do not know how to use computers at all you can order 4x6" proofs and make orders that way.

STUDIO/ ON-LOCATION HEADSHOT PACKAGE SPECIAL $227 Total ($50/hour Special; Reg. $95)

I follow the method of the top NYC head shot guru, Peter Hurley, who aims to nail one killer head shot, but I like other approaches as well. One approach is to aim for two great photos, one smiley and one dramatic or suited to your type or brand. I tend to do the former in the studio and the latter on location. 
45-min. on location or studio, natural light or softbox, possibly tethered to Retina laptop or large monitor
. Retouched, high-res file included w/ copyright  
1100 px file included; 8x10s can be ordered here or elsewhere
; hair and makeup $100 extra/look

(Basement Headshots are done at 427 & 401 area, near Renforth and Rathburn) 
Choose the best image, from private gallery of proofs. First high-res digital image is included and includes copyright. Additional images are $50 each.

STUDIO FAMILY/ INDIVIDUAL PHOTO SESSION (427 & 401 area; Renforth and Rathburn)

Basement Studio is $32/hour (because it's a basement lol)



$20/image for additional retouching over the initial standard image treatment 


Want to have all the internet-sized images from a portrait session? $5/each for 800px, $10/each for 1100px. $100 minimum order (the only minimum we impose). Large digital images are meant for printing only and since you probably want retouching you might as well order the print instead of asking about the print file because I include the edited social-media-size digital file along with every print order anyway. If we went any lower we would not be able to continue to offer you boutique level artistry, products and service year after year. :-) 
One great way to reduce the cost is to stick with the same photographer because clients get faster at booking sessions, ordering online through the same site, you're already in my system and having worked together before makes it easier, better and more fun; I get to know what you want and can deliver it easier; I can see what savings or perks might be possible and can keep track of people's important milestone events too. 

Portrait Session Products and Services

View all products and prices through the above links






WEDDING/E.SESSION/BOUDOIR (let us mail you a brochure)


FAMILY (see our boutique sample books)



We offer something for all levels of investment, economy to boutique, but specialize in 8x10" and larger framed wall art prints, framed with barn board and stressed painted wood, wood prints, for example. Enjoy our boutique range sample books and samples.

Artistic & Technical Information

• I shoot 100% digital, which greatly enhances the ability to capture contemporary, photojournalistic, wedding moments and to work in changing light and low light. I could shoot some film at an Engagement Session or Trash the Dress, but it is more costly and I can simulate film through editing too. 
• I use the Canon 5DIII, the best wedding camera in the world according to Kenneth Rockwell (which automatically backs up by shooting to two cards simultaneously) with the best Canon EF lenses for the job like the new 70-200mm 2.8II IS, and the current flagship speedlites in the world the 600exII RTs! Nikon technology lags so far behind that I question the professionalism of Nikon wedding speedlighters. 
• I shoot tethered to a large NEC display or retina-display Macbook Pro in the studio for instant feedback
• I bring backup bodies and equipment to every wedding
• although I use natural and available light as much as possible, I have mastered the use of discreet and seamless bounce flash which is indispensable at a wedding
• I shoot a mixture of fashion and photojournalistic styles and am shooting personal, cutting-edge, fashion work with my hair and makeup stylist who has her own salon and fifteen years experience
• I do B&W and expert tonal editing as well. I love black and white but it depends on the photo. In my opinion, photos can be dramatically enhanced through individual treatment but that that is best reserved for the select shots in the album, or wall prints, not the entire wedding, unless the client is willing to pay for an additional week or two of editing. I work up a few images and leave the rest, classic and natural, just making them pop a little.
• your online photos will be ready well within four weeks after your wedding
• packages include a print gallery where friends and family can order prints, or albums from Toronto’s top lab
• I never photograph more than one wedding a day, to ensure that you get the service you deserve (unless you are a four-hour wedding)
• I am passionate about wedding photography and previously worked as the graphic designer for Sposa wedding magazine, did second shooting for Reportage, Piper and Vito Amati studios, shoot every week for a corporate chain and lived in two photography photo studio lofts, so I am not someone who just bought a camera. I did event coverage for an Ever magazine issue. I studied art at the U of T, OCAD, George Brown, the Digital Media Studios (multimedia certificate), Centennial College and am largely self taught, which means I'm a very, highly motivated, professional entrepreneur
• I have active Canadian and EU passports and am available for destination work
• I clone my hard drives, use cloud-based RAW file backup and off-site stored backup, so you are completely covered in multiple ways; avoid amateurs whose cameras don’t have dual memory cards to begin with who are flying by the seat of their pants. This is your wedding.

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