Tommy Ray Photography—Toronto Fashion-flair Wedding and Portrait Photography | Headshots
"Tommy Ray creates a relaxed and open atmosphere in our sessions together, shooting with his artistic eye, not just with his camera. He's provided me with some of my most authentic and intimate headshots, ones that best represent me as an artist." —AC Peterson
Great looking shots, great expressions. We will shoot for up to two hours, on a pro session, and that's lots of time to ease into and be guided into the headshot process naturally. Many photographers out there mean well, but do not know the art of headshots yet. Many clients do not get proper coaching and it shows even if you don't know why.
I have however, studied the methodology of the leading New York and LA head shot specialists as well as some method acting and Second City stagecraft.
Our head shot sessions are all about people skills and being able to intuitively get the feel for our subjects, put them at ease and coax out natural expressions. We don't merely take a technically sound photograph, we use proven methods to that allow you to reveal yourself when there is a camera pointed right at you. The images are sorted and picked the day of the shoot after shooting tethered to a large colour-calibrated NEC monitor.