Hi Friends, to those of you who want to obtain photos of yourselves that are in this gallery, I can offer a few suggestions. I'm still working out how I am going to do this, but at the moment I can suggest either "grabbing the photos" and that you please leave my watermark on them, registering as a user and/or emailing me a request for certain images (and if you could possibly give me a one-line testimonial that I could use I'd be more than happy to take the time to send you the requested photos in low-res.) You also have the option to order prints or products through the web site, or by contacting me at 416-417-4148 if you have any other requests such as removing a photo; I'm hoping that you enjoyed having me take your photos and that we'll find a way for me to keep doing fun, photographic coverage for our community.

I can also set up digital downloads but I don't have that set up right this moment. Talk to you soon. Regards.