"All Wedding Packages Include" is directly below the price list. More prices and info are at tomrayphoto.com/info.
Message us any questions. Thank you!

All Wedding Packages Include:  

• Tommy Ray as photographer

• layouts created by veteran wedding magazine layout artist

• digital files—High & Low Res (social media size) Images on USB Drive

• digital photo sharing App for sharing among friends and family

• backup, editing

• pre-wedding casual meeting

• post-wedding consultation (except with Economy wedding)

• unlimited captures

• private online photo gallery for print ordering & easy viewing by friends and family 
(I guarantee one year of hosting)

• Venue Acclimation Meeting if necessary (possible meeting location?) (except Economy)

• limited number of weddings per year

• product idea reference books from our Top-of-the-industry American Custom Photo Lab

• Album Gift Registry

• Canon 5DIII or IV and top glass, 4 radio-controlled Canon 600 speedlites w/ umbrella, softbox and high-power batter packs, backup cameras. (Camera with two cards slots for instant backup to second card. This is a must at a wedding!)