Hi, please note that these images are for sale primarily for the subjects in the photos themselves. They are not being sold for resale or as digital downloads, for something like advertising.

I've made them available to you, and each purchase must go through me first which prevents automatic purchases. So in other words, if you want a print, order it online. It's easier and better for both of us, and it enables me to try to continue to be one of your community event photographers, not to mention the fact that prints and other products are way cool and not too expensive. I doubt some stranger is going to buy a picture of you is what I'm trying to say, the shopping cart is a convenience to you and me, but please give me your feedback.

Another thing to decide on is the model release, that helps you in several ways. If you sign a standard model release I will give you a percentage of the sales, if the image does have that kind of appeal, and a free high-res file of the image on a CD. If you model for me, you may get some prints as well.

Thank you!